Incredible day! Awesome speakers, incredible food, lovely presentation and decorations, and spectacular family unity among all Christian women of Rhode Island churches. ❤️❤️❤️ -SC

What the leaders have done for the women at RI Soul Care is magnificent, in the spiritual realm.  You preached good news to the poor, God bound up the broken-hearted, God proclaimed freedom for the captives. God released  from darkness prisoners.  And all that Isaiah 61 proclaimed. Bless you all for hearing and implementing what He has spoken and asked of you. What I heard Him say is "I am blessed by you my daughters, many new things will be birthed from this beginning event." He did say something about His immense love for you all.  I applaud you, a true act of love for all of us. May you receive a double portion, and you will rejoice in your inheritance, and everlasting joy will be yours. (Isaiah 61). You are loved. Thank you. ❤️ -JR

I want you to know that I appreciated that yesterday's event was on time throughout the day, which was very respectful for all. Your instructions were clear and from my perspective things went smoothly. When we started to sing Jesus Loves Me I couldn't sing because i spontaneously started to cry! What a blessing!! 😘 - N

Dear friend, that was an amazing experience and day. The testimonies were heart breaking that people can do such things. But, look at these Beautiful, Strong Women and where they are today with finding and giving themselves to Jesus. Also the work and dedication to helping others. The overwhelming emotions was something I've never felt before. God through his Son Jesus had quite an effect on us all. God picked the perfect Team to make this all happen. Love you my friend and thank you for this experience. 🙏❤️❤️❤️ -K

So blessed.. encouraged  and grateful that I could go... having the hour and half for break was a huge blessing to reach out to old friends and check out tables. God worked in so many ways. -PY

What a wonderful time I had and my church sisters did too from Faith Fellowship Church, now in Coventry, RI. Thank you for obeying the Lord and going forward with this conference for us women. I know it was a labor of love and hard work and sleepless nights. It went so smoothly and on time. The food was wonderful!  The speakers were speaking from their hearts and the love of Jesus was there.Thank you again for obeying the Lord and sharing the gospel and giving the sinners prayer. I hope many women gave their lives to Jesus through this ministry and the music was wonderful too! I loved the flowers and basket of items in the bathroom, taking care of our souls and personal needs. God bless you all !-JK

We all had a great time. Thank you for all your efforts and your love and your prayers. I bought  " Lifted from Shame"  the book from Louise . It’s amazing how God is working in me. I feel very blessed thank you and all our beautiful sisters in the Lord. -C


 Ladies, just wanted to take a moment to say the healing that was started in women's lives is so awesome to see and be apart of. Thank you for having Harmony and our team there.
A ripple that will change trajectories forever!!! Such an amazing day. -JP, Harmony

Today was a blessing for us! -New Life Christian Store - Rhode Island

Thank you for having us there and thank you both for pouring your hearts into this event. -KS, Vendor Table


I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and prayed - continuing to pray as led.  My heart has been praying for surrender in the sense of "I believe Lord - help me with my unbelief." Praising with you as He shows up to change lives today.  Thanks for your heart and giant efforts in putting all this together! Be encouraged. He is able to do. -BD